West Virginia

1978 - Present
I have often said that my work is simply a documentation of my soul's journey in search of that certain Light.

"An outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace."
wvplates001  SUNBURST II - 1981 - 48" X 68" - Oil on canvas.  All the dark paintings of Screamer were left behind. It would seem out of the dark tunnel of my father's death, I arrived on the other side of that darkness and into light.  wvplates018  Light Cloud Study II - 1984 - 26" X 46" Oil on Canvas  wvplates009  Light Cloud Study I - 1984 - 26" X 46" Oil on Canvas  wvplates013  BLUE WINDOW - 1982 - 52" X 42" - Oil on canvas. 
wvplates011b  DAWN'S WINDOW -1982 - 52" X 42" - Oil on canvas.  wvplates019  Double Dawn - 1984 - 36" X 52" Oil on Canvas  00025  wvplates018-b  Falling Light - 1984 - 46" X 52" Oil on Canvas 
wvplates020-b  DUSK MIST - 1982 - 34" X 52" - Oil on canvas.  wvplates023  ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE - 1990 - 50" X 60" - Oil on canvas.  wvplates025  UNTITLED - [Detail lower third] - 1989 -120" X 84" - Oil on canvas.  Commissioned by USA TODAY.  wvplates022  STEP WINDOW - 1989 - 84" X 68" - Oil on canvas. 
wvplates026  LUMINOUS SKY - 1990 - 48" X 48" - Oil on canvas.  wvplates030  TRANSFIGURED - 1994 - 48" X 60" - Oil on canvas.  wvplates030-a  TRANSFIGURED - Center Detail  wvplates034  . . .  Attention . . .   STOLEN  This painting was stolen from an estate following the death of the owner.  If anyone attempts to sell this work  Please contact:   The Works of Robert Singleton      The Gift II - 1994 - 16" X 20" - Oil on canvas. 
wvplates037  South Branch Valley - 1999 -104" X 60" - Oil on Canvas  Commissioned: South Branch Valley National Bank,  Moorefield, West Virginia  odd  Sunburst-finished  Gold Sunburst - 2000 - 36" X 36" - Oil on Canvas - Destroyed in house fire  wvplates042  Title of work: METAMORPHOSIS "THE ANGEL PAINTING" Image size 68" X 68"  Over the years I knew Dr Elisabeth Kubler Ross, I had promised her a gift . . . a painting. On July 8, 1990 there was to be a celebration and dedication of the new EKR center. This also coincided with Elisabeth's Sixty-fourth birthday. The angel painting was completed and given to Elisabeth the day before the dedication. In the succeeding years, I felt honored that thousands, many terminally ill or bereaved participants in Elisabeth's work shops, would understand the painting. There it stayed until the center closed in 1995. At that time Elisabeth came to me and asked if I would like to have the painting back. "You should have it." It now hangs in my home. 
wvplates016  MORNING TREE I - 1981 - 30" X 36" - Oil on canvas.  One the paintings on display at the 1982 one person, painting show at Vorpal Gallery in New York.  It was reproduced for the invitation and post cards sold by the gallery.   The subject is in fact the first of many studies of the “Hickey Tree” on the hill where Steven was the first to request to have his ashes scattered under.  Jack Hepworth was the second and then the list grew. The second painting of this tree is the one I gave Steven and it was hung next to his bed.  Little did I know what this painting would set into motion. Little did I know that even the title would have a double meaning.  00016  Dawn - 1987 -  West Virginia - 40" X 64" - Pastel on Rag Board.   Look who's back . . .  As the last image of this retrospect . . . We have come full circle. An old friend revisited . . . every now and then I like to go back to this place . . . in my mind.  As I become older and my craft changes or improves, I will revisit that horizon line of the Midwest..  wvplates024  Portico - 1988 - 110" X 64" - Oil on Canvas  The only work painted for a specific wall of my home . . . the monolith wall in the studio. It was intended to be hung when the studio was being used for other functions. Such a irony. Little did I know, the painting would draw people to a point of reverent focus. Three Christenings, Two Weddings and Seven Funerals . . .