'Till I Become Light
The Autobiography of a Soul

I am honored that "Real Earth Productions" chose my life and work, based on a unfinished manuscript, as the subject of a documentary film produced in 2003. The project was close to a year in production. Below is the producer’s description of the film.

"Robert Singleton’s journey is reflected in his art and events that caused a transformation of both the art and the artist. From Abstract Expressionism to a spiritual manifestation of  Light. But Singletons Journey has not been easy. His life is scarred by physical, verbal, and sexual abuse and by parents who mocked him and did literally nothing to encourage his art or creativity. A youth who struggled with his sexual identity and who lived his life in denial, only to find true love taken away from him by the ravages of AIDS. Singleton’s journey is about care giving and unconditional love, about introspection and forgiveness. And demons which continue to haunt his soul."

The film, "Until I Become Light" opened as part of the West Virginia Film Week at the Pioneer Theater in New York City, March 2003.

The film is now available on YouTube @

Until I Become Light: The Robert Singleton Story














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