Gone Too Soon . . .

A true friend transcends the fleeting
With shared respect the unconditional is celebrated
Robert and Steven
Robert and John
Grant, John, Jack
Sten and Lynn
Jack and Robert
EKR and Robert

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The Quilt in the Capital . . . October 12, 1996

There is a meadow here, off to the side of the house.  This meadow rises and becomes a dome-shaped hill.  At the top, in the center, stands a tall hickory tree.  We knew this tree well, Steven and I as it had been the subject of many of my paintings.

In 1993, just months of his passing, Steven told me that he wanted to be cremated and for me to take a portion of his ashes and scatter them up on the hill under that tree.

As the tragic years were to follow, there were many deaths. There followed many request from my friends to have there earthly remains scattered under that Hickory tree.

Often in the summer friends gather up on the hill and under the Hickory tree to celebrate and remember our loved ones.


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