The year 2017 will mark two key milestones in Robert Singleton's life. December of this year he will be 80 years young and will have lived half those years on a remote mountain top in rural West Virginia.

 We are pleased to announce the release of a limited edition book.

“For the Joy of Light”

This elegantly designed eighty page book details the metamorphic change which took place in Robert’s work.


Celebrating Robert's 80th year and over five decades of his creativity.

Individually Signed

Linen Hardcover 11.25" X 8.75"

With Black Linen Slipcase

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"For The Joy of Light"

Art ~ Sound ~ Enlightenment

You are so welcome to join and experience Robert's creative vision at these four different events.

March 11th ~ 27 ~ Allegany Arts Council, Cumberland, MD

April 1st ~ May 22 ~ Lamplight Gallery, Thomas, WV

July, 29 ~ February, 2018 ~ Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV

 “For The Joy of Light” Interactive Multimedia Installation

Collaborative installation involving large scale paintings, accompanied by dynamic sound and viewer interactive lighting; original music composed by German musician, composer Dan Morro. This exhibition brings together nearly fifty years of experience: “I seek a means of involving, all human beings, not as viewers, but as participants in the ageless impact of the creative emergence.  A means of uncovering the core of our intuitive understanding and cumulative experience ingrained and transmitted through generations since the dawn of time . . . . . . These paintings document my search for our shared universal awareness.

August 19th ~ 20th ~ Mountaintop Light, Open Studio, Baker, WV

“I feel a love of nature and a sorrow for humanity. The sorrow for people who may never see or feel the splendor of nature, a sorrow for civilization caught up in time. Mankind has become complex. We cannot stop to see the great beauty of simplicities” R. Singleton, Dec. 1962

  Wishing you a productive and healthy 2017 and hoping to see you there!

The Arts need you now more than ever.

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